Customize Your House With Professional Masonry

Customize Your House With Professional Masonry

Build a custom design with our experienced mason

Does your home's exterior look bland and boring? You can add an artistic touch with custom masonry from George Speers Masonry LLC. Our mason has extensive experience with stone, brick and concrete and will work with you to design new features that match your home and boost your curb appeal.

Need to rebuild a foundation or chimney? You can trust our experienced team to restore your stone or brickwork. Want to install a new wall? You can choose from prefabricated block or brick to get the look you want. Find out more when you contact us today.

The types of projects we help with

From general repairs and restorations to new construction projects, you can call on George Speers Masonry for whatever masonry work you have in mind. We work on...

  • Structural walls, retaining walls and privacy walls
  • Steps, walkways, patios and entryways
  • Chimneys, foundations and facades

You can also hire us to take care of the stonework in your kitchen remodel. Call 850-774-4784 to get started.