Don't Let Your Masonry Fall Apart

Don't Let Your Masonry Fall Apart

Fix your home or office with professional masonry repairs

Brick and stone are incredibly durable materials, but they'll still wear down after years of exposure to the elements. If your home or place of business is starting to show its age, let the pros at George Speers Masonry LLC restore it for you.

We'll make your masonry look as good as new and make sure it doesn't compromise the structural integrity of your building. From a small section of damaged stone to an entire brick fa├žade, we can handle any size job. Make an appointment for masonry repairs when you contact us today.

How repointing works

Since most of the common problems with masonry is worn-out mortar joints, one of the most common methods for masonry repairs is repointing. Repointing is the process of repairing your brick and stonework by...

  • Chiseling away the damaged mortar to carefully expose your masonry
  • Replacing the old mortar with fresh mortar to create a professional look
  • Ensuring the new mortar supports your stone and brick properly and helps prevent damage

You don't have to replace the entire feature to make it as good as new. Consider repointing services when you call us at 850-774-4784.